A new school of thought

The Junction Public School.

The project: In 2014, the NSW Government made a major investment in upgrading facilities at The Junction Public School – one of Newcastle’s most popular primary schools. The goal: to re-imagine the way primary education could be delivered on campus and set a new standard for similar facilities across the state.

The challenge: Designed by DWP Suters Architects, the new building was challenging from a construction perspective because it was located on a known contaminated site. This meant that Artel had to undertake significant site remediation to contain soil contaminants during construction and to ensure that the site would be safe for students and teachers.


The scope: Artel managed the complete construction of DWP Suter’s vision – which involved both the construction of 5 new “learning hubs” and the extension and refurbishment of the existing administration building. Designed to promote creative and collaborative learning, the new building features light, modern finishes, play areas in natural and synthetic grass, and a surrounding paved courtyard.

Construction took approximately seven months, and Artel maintained the site in a completely safe, secure manner throughout the entire process – enabling the school to continue operating without interruption while building work was taking place.


The result: There’s no doubt that The Junction Public School represents a new way of thinking when it comes to delivering primary education, and the design has been embraced by students and teachers alike.

I would highly recommending Artel for their professionalism, quality of work and the commitment to their projects. Our school has certainly benefitted from all their efforts.
— Wendy Cheek, School Principal