Firm foundations

St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Cathedral

The project: Located in Sydney’s Wattle Grove, St Thomas Indian Orthodox Cathedral has been recognised as a parish since 1998. Along with the Cathedral itself, the parish encompasses a Sunday School – which had been operating out of portable buildings since its inception. After many years of fundraising, the congregation was finally ready to replace this with a more permanent structure. 

The challenge: Artel was engaged to create a new building that would cater to the needs of the Sunday School, but also the Cathedral congregation and the local community.


The scope: The building constructed is both practical and flexible, featuring a multi-purpose school hall, commercial kitchen and office space for Cathedral staff. Built using cost effective materials that would complement the Cathedral aesthetic, the construction was completed within just 28 weeks.



The result: The new building has given the St. Thomas congregation a new place to come together – and it has also strengthened the connection between the cathedral and the community it serves.