Committed to our craft.

Realising an architectural vision takes passion, commitment, and unwavering attention to detail.



Artel Construction.

ar·tel /ärˈtel/
Noun: (in pre Revolutionary Russia) A cooperative association of craftsmen.

Founded in 1981, Artel Constructions has established an exceptional track record in Sydney, The Hunter and Central Coast Regions. Attuned to the needs of both architects and project managers and their clients, we take great pride in the impeccable product we deliver – and the professionalism and care we maintain along the way.




Our Projects.

With over three decades of experience as a Prequalified and Best Practice accredited NSW Government contractor, Artel has delivered countless high quality projects for the public sector. Over time, our focus has broadened to encompass all types of buildings, from commercial and industrial, to medium-sized residential. Whatever the project, our approach remains consistent: focused, passionate and professional.

— Pyrmont Fire Station

— Pyrmont Fire Station

— Barker College Grandstand

— Barker College Grandstand

— Charlton Christian College

— Charlton Christian College



Superior standards.



Fine workmanship. 

As a team of highly skilled craftsmen, we take great pride in the quality of our work. Every person working for Artel shares the same work ethic, and can be counted on to uphold our standards. We also only use materials we know are fit for purpose, consistently providing clients with peace of mind.

Meticulous management.

Through our systematic, highly organised approach, Artel ensures that budgets and time are spent wisely. We go above and beyond to maintain a safe, productive work environment, where output is maximised and errors kept to an absolute minimum. We are also open communicators, and receptive to suggestions that can improve our way of working.

Respectful relationships.

 Artel would not be where we are today without the relationships we have built. We care deeply about our clients, employees and sub-contractors and we strive to establish partnerships with those who share our values. This has helped us to create a reliable network and a reputation second to none.



Design sensibility.

With our appreciation for architecture, we ensure that every detail of every project is taken care of. Nothing inspires us more than working with talented designers, and bringing their visions to life. When you work with Artel, you can be assured your project is in safe, sympathetic hands.